NRY 3D wall surface

3D surface™ panels are decorative, sculpted wall panels for use in a wide range of commercial and domestic applications. 3D surface™ can be ordered in 2 different materials, either high quality ABS and PC (polycarbonate). If ordered in ABS material the panels can be sprayed with industrial paint to suite your specific requirements. For polycarbonate material the color is blended in the manufacturing process, so for non-stock color quantity orders are required.
Category : PO - Polymer •
Tags : Wall & Partition
Raw Material Source Location : Thai
Manufacturing Location : Thai
Why is it ECO? :

1.ชิ้นส่วนวัสดุตกแต่งผนัง 3 มิติ ผลิตจาก ABS และ PC (polycarbonate)