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Urban Safe Haven: making a "Safe Haven" during a rough economy

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We often expect the government to improve our city. But did you know that communities of people like us can also have a huge positive impact?

The COVID-19 outbreak has damaged the global economy. Many people have lost their jobs and may struggle to find new work and income to live on. Crime is rising. Public utilities and resources such as lighting, transport, hospital access, and public health are also poor, increasing a sense of insecurity.

In 2019, Bangkok was ranked 47th among 60 cities around the world for security in the Cities Index by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The survey covered 4 dimensions – digital security, health security, infrastructure security, and personal security – across 57 indicators such as privacy policy, environment policy, facility and infrastructure accessibility, access to healthcare, emergency services, and police monitoring.

Let’s explore more solutions to make Bangkok and other cities safer and better to live in. Alongside government policy and actions, we can participate by monitoring, reporting criminal problems, health risks, and anything related to personal and public security. Developing neighborhoods and promoting harmonious communities can bring positive change and improve the environment without any risk. When we help each other, while keeping social distancing, we can make our city safer.

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Written/Edited by Sirapach Mangkang, researcher, RISC

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