7 Design Aspects for Healthy Built-Environment: Living Quality

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Good quality of life in a house or condominium requires the right surroundings and community. Life quality has 2 key aspects:​

1. Communal facilities ​
Multipurpose areas for communities can enhance life quality and build relationships, such as through garden design that supports horticultural therapy. Gardening is a popular choice because research shows that just 30 minutes of gardening boosts mood and reduces depression, anxiety, and cortisol levels.​
Playing with pets can also enhance happiness and well-being, even benefiting the heart and arteries, according to the US National Institutes of Health.​

2. Building structure ​
Comfort and durability matter in homes as much as appearance. If you feel anxious or worried, your cortisol levels will rise, affecting your brain in the long term. Good design and a lasting warranty are important for peace of mind, covering: ​
- Structure, such as columns, beams, and floors
- Roofs, to safeguard from leaks
- Pipes and wiring, to be free from leaks or short circuits​
- Doors and windows, to function correctly​

A pleasant environment with communal areas for relaxing with family and friends can create a good social atmosphere for living. Good residential design and a lasting warranty can further enhance quality of life in every aspect, building confidence and comfort.​



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