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About Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC)

RISC’s goal is to generate and develop ideas and innovations through local and international collaboration to improve quality of life for all beings.

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) invests in research to create environment-friendly property developments that enhance quality of life for residents, neighboring communities, and wider society. This commitment is fulfilled through collaboration between the property development teams and the Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC).

RISC is a knowledge-sharing environment where researchers in science, engineering, industrial design, and art devise environmentally and socially sustainable solutions for healthier ecosystems.

The center serves as a resource for society, dedicated to reducing the impact of our lifestyles on the environment. It also provides publicly accessible data and information that can improve methods and materials across the property development sector.


To contribute to the happiness of all living beings and help maintain a sustainable and resilient environment through research and innovation.


To create a knowledge-sharing research and development center and cultivate world-class researchers with a focus on sustainable developments.

RISC Executives

A diverse group of professionals with an aligned passion to make the world a healthier place for everyone.

RISC Dr. Singh

Singh Intrachooto (Ph.D.)

Chief Advisor

Dr. Singh Intrachooto is Associate Professor of Building Innovation at Kasetsart University. He is the founding director of the Creative Center for Eco-design and the design principal of Osisu, a design company known for products from ‘upcycled’ materials. He represents Thailand’s National Innovation Agency (NIA) as its Design Innovation Ambassador and heads the country’s technical committee for creating the Upcycle Carbon Footprint label.

RISC Dr. Jittapat

Jittapat Choruengwiwat (Ph.D.)

Senior Vice President
(Innovation Integration)

Dr. Jittapat Choruengwiwat is responsible for managing projects and integrating multi-disciplinary research at RISC to devise environmentally and socially sustainable solutions for healthier ecosystems including behavioral psychology; innovative, environmentally sound construction techniques and materials; water- and energy-saving fixtures; and layouts promoting natural lighting and good cross ventilation in compact living spaces.

RISC Dr. Sarigga

Sarigga Pongsuwan (Ph.D.)

Vice President
(Innovation for Dissemination)

Dr. Sarigga Pongsuwan oversees a knowledge ecosystem for the center and the public. This hub covers study goals, research data, knowledge management, learning systems, and advocacy for energy-saving and eco-friendly architecture and residential design, informed by insights in psychology, health, and wellness. The resulting expertise helps develop organizational design standards and is shared through various channels.

RISC Dr. Apichai


Vice President
(Research for Innovation)

Dr. Apichat Praditsmanont is responsible for research, laboratories, and innovation related to developing sustainable well-being. RISC research work in dimensions of well-being such as health and wellness includes indoor and outdoor air quality and air pollution; materials and resources, especially energy and water as well as eco-materials and upcycled products from waste; biodiversity and nature-rich environments; technology and automation, with a specialization in computer simulations for building air ventilation and airflow in urban areas.

RISC Advisor

RISC Pattrarat
Pattrarat Tannukit (Ph.D.)
RISC Advisor

President of Infusion Nurse Network of Thailand

RISC Chairat
Assoc.Prof.Dr Chairat Treesubsuntorn
RISC Advisor

Associate Professor, Biotechnology,
School of bioresources and technology, KMUTT

RISC Yodchanan
Assoc.Prof. Yodchanan Wongsawat, Ph.D.
RISC Advisor

Director, Brain-Computer Interface Lab,
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Mahidol University

RISC Sirawaj
Sirawaj Itthipuripat, Ph.D.
RISC Advisor

Director, Neuroscience Center for Research
and Innovation Learning Institute, KMUTT

RISC Surin
Surin Warachun
RISC Advisor

Assistant Vice President of The Forestias

RISC Maneerat
Assoc. Prof. Maneerat Ongwandee, Ph.D.
RISC Advisor

Deputy Director of Academic,
Institute of Metropolitan Development,
Navamindradhiraj University

RISC Difei
Difei Miao
RISC Advisor

CCUS Research Project Consultant,
Nanotech Specialist

RISC Taradon
Taradon Tunduan
RISC Advisor

Urban Tree Care Specialist

RISC Researchers

RISC Saritorn
Saritorn Amornjaruchit

Assistant Vice President

TREES-A, Design Solutions for Well-Being, Sustainable Design, Research Integration

RISC Napol
Napol Kieatkongmanee

Senior Sustainable Designer

TREES-A, Building Technology,
Intelligent Systems, Innovative Solutions

RISC Panpisu
Panpisu Julpanwattana

Senior Sustainable Designer

TREES-A, Building Technology and Innovation, Air Quality, Waste Management, Interiorscape

RISC Tiptaptim
Tiptaptim Bhumibhanit

Senior Sustainable Designer

TREES-A, Sustainable Building Materials, Circular Economy, Building Technology

RISC Montri
Montri Phulanku

Senior Research Engineer

Well-Being Research Integration Engineer
Building Infrastructure

RISC Vasuta
Vasuta Chan

Senior Sustainable Designer

LEED®AP BD+C, WELLTM AP, Sustainable Design

RISC Chanin
Chanin Kulsurakit

Senior Sustainable Designer

WELLTM AP, DGNB International, TREES-A, Building Technology, Product Innovation Solution

RISC Petcharin
Phetcharin Phongphetkul

Senior Sustainable Designer

Fitwel Ambassador, ActiveScore AP, TREES-A NC, Air Quality

RISC Kotchakorn
Kotchakorn Rattanama


Biodiversity, Environment

RISC Rawintisa
Rawintisa Taengsuwannanon


Innovation Ecosystems

RISC Woraporn
Woraporn Poonyakanok

Senior Research Engineer​

Climate Resilience, ESG, Circular Economy, Net Zero Carbon

RISC Sirapach
Sirapach Mangkang


GIS Environmental Analysis, Geo-Informatics Platform

RISC Chirapa
Chirapa Horbanluekit

Communication Researcher

Trend & Media Research

RISC Thanawat
Thanawat Jinjaruk

Senior Researcher

Biodiversity, Environment

RISC Supunnapang
Supunnapang Raksawong


Sustainable Building Materials

RISC Nattapat
Nattapat Tanjariyaporn

Senior Researcher

Brain Computer Interface,
Neuroscience and Rehabilitation Research

RISC Rungravee
Rungravee Roschuen

Senior Researcher

Neuroscience Research

RISC Ratcha
Natcha Chaimongkol


Innovation Ecosystems

RISC Panisara
Panisara Sucharitkul

Sustainable Designer

Well-Being Research Integration

RISC Sittha
Sittha Preedapirat

Senior Researcher

Brain Computer Interface

RISC Wacharakorn
Wacharakorn Maneechote

Sustainable Designer

Well-Being Research Integrations

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