Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Does RISC have any internship?
    Please see our job description and check available job positions in “Work with us”
  • How can I follow RISC events and news?
    You can follow our news and events both in the “News” option on the website and on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/riscwellbeing/
  • Can I organize an event or activity at RISC?
    Yes. Please contact risc_admin@dtgo.com and attach the detail or permission request letter to organize your event at RISC. After our consideration, we will send our reply within 3 business days.
  • Is RISC on any other social media?
    Yes. Please follow our Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/riscwellbeing/. Our Facebook page always updates a variety of new interesting articles and more RISC events.
  • How can I get to RISC?

    RISC (Research and Innovation for Sustainability Center) is on 4th floor of Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard, Bangkok.

    You can get to our center by these following methods:

    • BTS Sukhumvit Line: Chit Lom Station (Exit 6) next to Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok
    • BTS Silom Line: Ratchadamri Station (Exit 4) next to The Peninsula Bangkok Hotel

    Map: click here

  • Are you hiring a new researcher?
    Please see our job description and check available job positions in “Work with us”
  • Can I contact you on weekends?

    Unfortunately, our office service is closed on weekends including every official holiday. However, you can send your question and inquiry through our website. (Call Center: 1265, Email: risc_admin@dtgo.com)

  • How do I attend a lecture at RISC?

    If you are interested in attending our lecture to learn more about RISC individually or with a small group, you can easily walk into our center within our opening hours (You also need a registration to be our member.) If you want to attend with a large group of people, you need to book a time schedule in the “Booking” option and choose “Visitor booking”. After filling and submitting all the booking information, we will send a reply to confirm/decline your booking date.

  • How can I contact you for interview or consulting about research topics?

    If you want to contact us by these cases, there are two options;

    • RISC website: Go to “Contact us” option, fill your detail in “General Enquiries” form and submit.
    • Send your request letter to risc_admin@dtgo.com

    After receiving your email, we will reply to you within our 3 business days.

  • When is RISC general working hours?

    Our center is open 10.00-17.00 on weekdays for the general public and close on weekdays and Thailand's official holidays. If there is any special circumstance to close our service, we will inform you in advance on the RISC website.

  • What is RISC? What kind of work do RISC take part in?

    RISC is a knowledge-sharing environment where researchers in science, engineering, industrial design, and art devise environmentally and socially sustainable solutions for healthier ecosystems.

    The center serves as a resource for society, dedicated to reducing the impact of our lifestyles on the environment. It also provides publicly accessible data and information that can improve methods and materials across the property development sector.

  • Do you have to pay for RISC registration?

    No need to pay any fee for our registration.

  • I can’t get access to RISC because the front door is always closed.

    Before getting access to our center, you need to sign up as a RISC member to get your account and a QR Code for RISC access. If you don’t have a QR Code, you can sign up via the RISC website by following these steps using your smartphone.

    1. Go to https://risc.in.th/ and click on the taskbar on the right corner
    2. Select the “Register” option and fill the registration form
    3. Submit your profile details by clicking “register”
    4. Check the verification email in your mailbox and verify your email.
    5. Return to the website start page and select “sign in” option on the taskbar.
  • What are the privileges for being a RISC Member?

    After RISC member registration, you will have permission to access our member services.

    • Eco Material database in RISC website access
    • Each center services such as Area and facility booking, Consulting, Innovation Desk, and Startup
    • RISC door access according to our opening hours (10.00-17.00)
    • RISC news and events access
  • I already scanned my QR Code but the front door is still closed. The monitor also do not show any messages on the screen.

    By scanning your QR Code, you need to put your QR Code below the door control with a distance of at least 15 centimeters. Besides, you need to adjust your phone screen brightness more than 75% so the sensor can read your code easily.

    For the QR Code use, sign in to the RISC website and select “Show my QR Code” on the taskbar on the website. Below the QR Code, there is a lifespan of the QR Code which means that you can use it only within 1 day after signing in. To get a new QR Code for the next visit, you will need to sign in to RISC website to receive a “dynamic” QR Code. This system is for the security purpose and identity theft protection for RISC member.

    There are 4 kinds of these messages which will be displayed on the monitor screen after scanning.

    •        “Welcome to RISC”– Your QR Code is successfully scanned.
    •        “Your QR Code is invalid to scan please contact admin”– Please scan the valid QR Code to access the door. If your QR Code still does not work, please contact admin.
    •        "Your QR Code is expired please re-login and show QR Code again"– Please sign in your account and scan your new QR Code again.
    •        “Please use QR Code during 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.”– Your QR Code can be used during 08.00-18.00. Scanning after hours will not allow you to access the door.
  • Do my QR Codes have a limit usage?

    Yes. In terms of center security support and identity theft protection for RISC member, the general public and DTGO staffs (which are not in RISC team) can use QR Code only within the limited time below the QR Code.

  • After registration to RISC website, I don’t see any QR Code.

    Unfortunately, you will receive your QR Code only on the phone sign up or registration counter. Registration via PC will not allow you to see “Show my QR Code” option. After your sign up/in, you will see “Show my QR Code” option on the taskbar to see your code.

  • I have followed the steps above but still can’t get access to RISC. (I already scanned my QR Code.)

    If there are any other problems about RISC access or registration and sign in, please directly contact risc_admin@dtgo.com or 1265.

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