7 Design Aspects for Healthy Built-Environment: Living with Nature

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Do you feel relaxed surrounded by nature or greenery?​

An outdoor environment with trees or gardens can enhance mental health and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, according to research. If over 20% of your neighborhood is green, you’ll feel less stress. If it’s over 30%, your anxiety will decrease too.​

Nature therapy includes healing garden design focused on landscapes with trees, flowers, ponds, and waterfalls to provide pleasant colors, smells, and sounds. This theory can be applied in gardens at hospitals and healthcare facilities for older adults, children, and anyone whose body and mind need care. Stress and mental health problems can affect anyone and any gender or age. That's why a healing garden is another good choice to create a proper environment for good physical and mental well-being.​

Many kinds of animal live in green areas too. Green spaces in urban areas can enhance biodiversity by connecting people, animals, and the environment for natural balance.​

Preserving green areas and creating gardens are crucial for good physical and mental health and for keeping nature and humans in harmony.​

In the next post, we’ll explain more about living quality and its physical and mental benefits. Stay tuned! ​



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