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Is a golden tree snake dangerous?: An interesting fact of a golden tree snake

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First impressions can often deceive us.​

A golden tree snake (Chrysopelea ornate) might sound scary. It’s actually timid. The green reptile with black cross-hatching and yellow or gold accents can be found in many areas in Bangkok and other cities. It could even be in your garden.​

And the golden tree snake helps humans by conserving ecosystems. It controls the population of creatures like mice, geckos, lizards, and insects. Snake generally hunt at night. But golden tree snakes hunt during the day around trees. That’s why we might meet one.
The snake could easily get hurt when it meets a human, despite its harmless nature and ecological benefits. But we should remember that it’s a golden tree snake and leave it be – or, if necessary, let an expert take it away.

Because we believe that every living being contributes to sustainable biodiversity for all life.​

Author/editor: Thanawat Jinjaruk Senior Researcher RISC

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