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Watch Out for Animal Visitors in the Rainy Season…

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Rain in the rainy season can bring some wildlife into our homes and gardens that isn’t always welcome. But we can stay safe with some simple steps.​

Thailand’s rainy season is already underway. In addition to taking extra care when we travel, we should stay alert for various creatures. RISC has tips for dealing with 3 types of creature so both you and they can avoid harm. ​

Snakes can be a concern. They typically live in bushes, trees, and damp undergrowth. But they can come out in search of rats. Keep your home clean to ensure there are no food sources or hiding spots. If you find a snake near your home that you fear might be dangerous, you can call 199 for immediate assistance.​

Rove beetles are another worry. They need humidity to breed and prefer the night. They produce a toxin called paederin that can cause skin irritation, redness, and blisters. Keep all your windows and doors closed and check your bed or seating area often. If you meet one, blow or shake it away without touching it.​

Tiny creatures like centipedes and scorpions can also be found in damp corners and leaf piles. Their toxins can harm humans and pets. An accidental touch can induce allergies. And, in extreme cases, severe allergies can result in death.​

During the rainy season keep your home and garden tidy, eliminating corners like piles of materials, wood chips, and leaves. Repair cracks and soil subsidence to keep these creatures out.​

Kotchakorn Rattanama, Biodiversity Researcher, RISC ​

Health Literacy and Communication Promotion Division, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health​

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