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“For water is life, no man can survive without it.”


For decades His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has taught the importance of water management and the problems of water shortages, floods and wastewater, problems that so tremendously affect the lives of his subjects.


According to His Majesty’s new theory, many Royal Development Projects have been initiated to help solve the aforementioned problems; for example, the Royal Rain Project, the Kaem Ling (Monkey Cheek) Project, evacuation of individual ponds to store seasonal rain water, polluted water treatment using wetland water hyacinth as a natural biological filter, the construction of Check Dams and so on.


His Majesty’s idea to construct check dams or detainment dams is not limited to solving problems in forested watershed areas, but also inspires us, the DT Group of Companies, to develop projects that respond to water scarcity. One such project is the building of dirt mounds in drop structures to act as weirs that trap and slow water flow and hold water in the ground for as long as possible. This allows sediments and pollutants to settle, reduces erosion, prevents shoals and works effectively as a preliminary water treatment.


In addition to the Check Dam Construction Project, there are many other practical Royal Development projects that we can adopt as models for development and application on a much wider scale.


The DT Group of Companies realizes the great advantages of His Majesty’s Royal Development projects and it is privileged to carry on His Majesty’s ideas by focusing on nature conservation and natural resource development for the benefit of everyone.

Saritorn Amornjaruchit

Research and Development Department

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Co., Ltd or DT Group


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