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What happens when the forest grows?

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What do we want to see when we go to the woods? ​

We all love vast forests, wide green spaces, abundant wildlife, huge trees, clear waterfalls, and fresh, clean air. Many of us would love to wake up to a morning forest mist. But did you know that woodland cover affects what we wish for? ​

Thailand's had 43.2% forest cover in 1973 but only 25.3% in 1998. Since then, though, with help from many sectors, Thailand’s forest cover has crept up to 31-32%. ​

Amid global climate change, we see the value of increasing forests. Thailand has a 20-year strategy to achieve 40% cover, whether natural or agricultural. But replanting is difficult and takes collaboration from all sectors. ​

RISC hopes to help people conserve and restore forest on 14 January, National Forest Conservation Day. The more we help one another, the more we’ll see the beauty of nature in the forest we all dream of. ​

Story by Thanawat Jinjaruk, Senior Researcher, Environment Division, RISC

Reference: The Royal Forest Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

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