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What the Hornbill Tells Us About True Love

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Who’s our ideal role model for true love in February, the month of love?

A good candidate is the “hornbill", a bird that symbolizes lifelong devotion.

The hornbill is huge. There are 13 species in Thailand and 54 worldwide, most native to dense woodland. They live about 30 years and are strictly monogamous. A male will stay true to his mate for life. He is also a responsible husband and father, always feeding and protecting his family. The hornbill has therefore become a symbol of enduring love.

Hornbills are also vital to forest ecosystems, eating a variety of fruits and dropping 100 seeds each day throughout the forest. But hunting and environmental degradation now put them at risk.

We celebrate their special role each year on 13 February, which has been “Hornbill Day” since 2004. Their importance to ecosystems is also recognized by the Thailand Hornbill Research Foundation of the Faculty of Science at Mahidol University.

Story by: Kotchakorn Rattanama, Biodiversity Researcher, RISC

Reference: Thailand Hornbill Research Foundation, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University and Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University
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