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Why birds are building new nests

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Birds are still building nests but they’re not like the ones you saw when you were young.

Bird nests have many forms depending on the type of bird. They can be in a tree or on the ground, made of twigs and leaves. Birds build nests to attract females and care for their young.

But nests are changing. A professor of ornithology at the National University of Costa Rica found that birds have begun to pick up plastic scraps, insulation, foil, and cigarette butts instead of natural materials. A strong nest containing a lot of plastic can better protect baby birds than one made of natural materials. Birds are steadily adapting as natural resources for their nests dwindle. Human activities are directly affecting nest building, which needs to be closely monitored.

We can all help by not throwing away plastic scraps and by using less disposable plastic or by reusing it as much as possible. We should also sort plastic before sending if off for recycling.

Story by: Kotchakorn Rattanama, Biodiversity Researcher, RISC

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