Why is there higher level of PM2.5 in Bangkok than other cities?

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Ever wondered why Bangkok suffers worse particulate pollution than other cities?​
It's because Bangkok's landscape has a basin shape that causes particles and pollution to stick around. Inappropriate urban planning with dense housing reduces wind. Road systems can also trap traffic in congestion that fuels pollution.​
Wintertime pollution rises each year, but we can protect ourselves by...​
- Wearing an N95 mask, or 2 standard masks, to protect ourselves from PM2.5.​
- Closing our doors and windows when the PM2.5 count is high and having an air purifier in our house.​
- Keeping our home clean, especially if it’s near a road.​
- Avoiding outdoor activities.​
- If we belong to a sensitive or allergic group, preparing our medicines and seeing a doctor straight away if we don’t feel well.​
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