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5-Sense Technologies for the Metaverse

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Can the metaverse go beyond seeing and hearing?

Metaverse technology has advanced fast and it’s now a hot topic. Virtual reality (VR) glasses for a 360° digital world and earphones are still how we imagine the metaverse. Technology, however, could enable us to smell, taste, and touch in the virtual world.

Smell is being developed in Japan by Vaqso, which can simulate smell like fish, flowers, and zombies. OVR Technology is developing accessories for VR eyewear. Operating modes include smelling the scents of trees, leaves, grass, wind, and rain. Training modes could address firefighting or mixing chemicals.

Japanese researchers have also developed a lickable screen, simulating sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami flavors. These flavors can be combined into new ones to improve culinary experience in the metaverse.

Hand and skin contact has spawned a slew of accessories including the Haptx Glove, which simulates picking up various devices by applying pressure to the palm and fingers. It can simulate everything from general grabbing to the wind rushing through our palms. Other uses for this technology include prosthetic hands on production lines and robot factories. There's also a Teslasuit, which is a suit that simulates physical contact on the arms, stomach, or legs for uses such athletic training, learning how experts work, and VR gaming.

These technologies may not yet be ready for everyday use. These devices, however, will undoubtedly assist in advancing the metaverse in the future.

Story by Nattapat Tanjariyaporn, Senior Researcher, Brain Computer Interface, RISC

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