Did you know that we start to decline physically from 18?​

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Our bodies start deteriorating at 18. Our skin starts aging first. Our lungs start at 30, our muscles and eyes at 40, our kidneys at 50, our internal organs and hearing at 60, and finally our brains at 70. But how fast or slow we age depends partly on how we look after ourselves.​

If we think about it, although aging is gradual, by 60 it will affect our life through changes to our organs and hormones...​ ​
- Movement: Older adults move more slowly, taking shorter paces, walking less far, and they can struggle to grab or sit and may slip more because of muscular weakness.​
- Vision: Older adults may have blurred vision and slow eye adjustment and need more light. They may struggle to distinguish purple, blue, and green because of their short light wavelengths.​
- Hearing: Older adults might not hear high-frequency sounds like birds or sirens. Voices can be hard to tell from the background. Men's hearing worsens faster than women's.​
- Hormones and emotions: A change in chemicals can trigger worry, paranoia, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.​ ​

If we understand these changes, we can design homes where older adults live happily together.​

Learn more from "RISC Talk Vol.2/2020: The Secrets of Body and Brain for Silver Age Residential Development" with "Learning and understanding about body development in each age" by Dr. Sarigga Pongsuwan, Vice President of RISC, at https://youtu.be/Dx38HjLU8vQ

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