From a concept of Aging in Place to livable residences

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When we’re happy somewhere, we want to stay there.​
As society ages, the term “aging in place” will become increasingly familiar. Aging in place means giving older adults the support to live happy, healthy, independent lives in residences and communities with appropriate facilities.​
RISC works with specialists to understand the needs of older adults and find solutions in residential design such as:​
- Universal Design for homes that suit everyone, especially older adults​ ​
- Non-toxic, safe, and suitable materials​ ​
- Lighting and air quality that enhance well-being​ ​
- 60% green area around the project with plants and flowers that help residents relax, benefiting the body, mind, and brain​
- A pathway of 850 meters with the gentle slopes, protection from sun and rain, and benches in well-ventilated areas, promoting exercise for physical and psychological well-being​
- Integration of body and brain in fun daily activities that promote 4 aspects for older adults: body, brain, emotion, and society ​
- Technology that enhances comfort and convenience​
When we combines all these elements in the project, it can promote the well-being of older adults, providing sustainable aging in place at The Aspen Tree by MQDC.​
Stay tuned for more news on The Aspen Tree, the project integrating in-depth knowledge for sustainable well-being of older adults!​
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