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Happy Kitchen: A Happy Space for All the Family

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When people think about the memories of their childhood ‘home’, many are sure to recall the aromas of their mother’s cooking. This may reflect Thai culture in which women play a greater role in taking care of the home, preparing, and cooking meals for the family. The kitchen became the unquestioned territory of women. In urban society, however, family members hardly have time to spend together, but better design supports interactions and activities that create and share good feelings, thereby changing this space of duty for mothers into one of happiness for the whole family. We would like to introduce some design factors that you could adapt to as DIY ideas if you wish.


Kitchen layout

The concept mentioned above shows that today’s kitchen is not only a space for making food, but it also can be used as a space for living, partying, and doing activities together with the family. Therefore, the layout of the kitchen should be designed as an open area or be connected to other areas that have related functions, such as the dining and living areas. This design helps encourage, engage, and promote activities or interactions among family members, as well as helping to improve space usage efficiency as various activities can be done in a small space.


Kitchen color

Psychologically, colors have an influence on stimulating interactions among people. Orange can help create a party atmosphere and it is in the hot-tone color range (red, orange, and yellow colors) that help stimulate our digestive systems to have a better appetite, which is good for both small kids and the elderly in the family. 


Kitchen lighting

The lighting in the kitchen area can be divided into natural lighting and lighting on the dining table. During the day, the most suitable lighting for the kitchen in natural light because it gives relaxing feelings and has a positive influence on our hormones to help improve the functionality of the different systems in our body, including the so-called ‘bio-clock’. The kitchen is also an area that family members will use all day. The kitchen should be located in the north of the house and should use warm white lighting for the dining table as it will help make the food colors stand out better and stimulate the appetite of both kids and the elderly.

Kitchen garden

We can design the kitchen to be connected to an outdoor area like a garden, and if we grow herbs and vegetables for the kitchen, it helps encourage family activities such as selecting which vegetables should be grown, watering and looking after plants, harvesting, and finally creating a menu for the fresh produce. It is even more convenient today as there are various models and equipment for beautifying your herb and vegetable garden even though it only occupies a small space. Opening up the kitchen area to the outdoors is also helpful for air circulation and releasing bad smells leftover from cooking. However, the kitchen should not be located facing the wind direction as the smells will be blown inside the house instead.

The tips mentioned above will turn your kitchen area from being a food preparation and cooking space only to space where the family can interact with each other to promote warmth among the family members. It is a concept of design to change the kitchen from being a woman’s territory into a space of happiness for the whole family.


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