Which kind of floor suits for the elderly? Here's some example...

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When older adults fall, the problem isn’t always a trip or a slip...

When we get older we lose body mass, subcutaneous fat, and blood, so our body temperature drops and we feel the cold more. The many nerves in our feet also make us more sensitive.​

Flooring in rooms for older adults, especially bedrooms, shouldn’t have tiles or stone, whose surface temperature changes easily. Older adults who wake up at night and step on a cold floor can feel numbness in their feet and fall because of the temperature difference.​

So which floor type is best?​

The answer is "heat-absorbing” and “non-temperature-sensitive” flooring that keeps a steady temperature like laminate and engineered wood. They don’t react to room temperature. What’s more, they have a natural feel that helps older adults relax.​

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