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Sep 22, 2020 INNOVATION

RISC by MQDC and Carpet Makers Thailand Present Home Innovation for the New Normal to Stop Transmission of COVID-19

22 September 2020, Bangkok – Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) applies its ‘For All Well-Being’ strategy to foster sustainable well-being for all life. LIVING FORWARD by MQDC is a video and podcast platform under the concept of “Know Tomorrow for Well-Being and Sustainability”. Edition 2 continues with the theme Innovation That Makes Sense in 2020. You can tune in to LIVING FORWARD by MQDC on 5 channels:
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Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) by MQDC focuses on 7 areas of research for sustainable well-being of all life. The RISC team also collects data on COVID-19 and lifestyles to support changes in housing and living for the future. In addition to research, RISC acts as a catalyst to drive and co-create innovative and practical solutions to various problems and create sustainable well-being for all life under its 'For All Well-Being' principle. RISC is therefore collaborating with Carpet Maker Thailand, a partner who worked with RISC on upcycling innovations last year. This partnership has developed to address the worldwide situation this year, calling for innovations to keep homes free from pathogens and bacteria, in the 'New Life' era or 'New Normal'. Dr. Krisana Sukbunsathit, CEO of Carpet Maker Thailand, explains how the company is changing the belief that carpets are a source of germs with AVATM Carpet, which disinfects, protecting from serious contagious diseases, COVID-19, and allergies caused by dust mites.

Carpet Maker Thailand presents the innovative concept of AVATM Carpet, which can eliminate germs and bacteria. Nano Ions, which can inhibit viruses and bacteria and help prevent allergies, are mixed with fibers in the fiber-spinning process for long-lasting hygienic properties. The product can change the perception of carpets as a source of disease to a solution to serious contagious diseases and allergies from dust mites. Research and development has raised the efficiency of destroying the lifecycle of various viruses so they cannot multiply. AVATM can stop the multiplication of coronaviruses, whether COVID-19, MERS, and SARS, by more than 90% by interfering with their protein production process and eliminating proteins that surround the viruses so that most die immediately. The material also inhibits the transcription of genetic material so surviving viruses cannot multiply. It further destroys the food chain of dust mites.

Carpet Maker Thailand has additionally developed a fiber with antiseptic properties that can be used in items such as sofa covers, bed sheets, bedspreads, socks, gloves, and sanitizing masks. MQDC, as a real estate brand with a focus on 'For All Well-Being', has installed AVATM Carpet in all its sales galleries to build consumer confidence. Learn more in the “Innovation That Makes Sense in 2020 episode, starting today.

LIVING FORWARD by MQDC is hosted by Toffy Bradshaw (Chayatat Vongmanee), a famous host and writer, along with 2 experts who will take turns to share views and ideas on "Know Tomorrow for Well-Being and Sustainability" in fun, accessible, and engaging ways.

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