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Well-being Material Library

As RISC researchers, we focus on the search for the best materials to implement in construction projects as well as for a better quality of life according to our concept of "for all well-being".

Expanding our Integrated Research Network and building partnerships with public sector eco-designers and manufacturers, the library will exponentially grow and become one of the most extensive eco-material collections available.

Materials Display

This is the first library to collect and display eco-materials for design and architectural applications to support designers. The library also showcases the most updated material trends.

Materials Studio

Material Studio Workshop is a space for preparing new materials for the RISC library. The studio includes a photo studio and material storage space. It is also a space for collaborative workshop activities to exchange ideas and information.

Materials Online

The information on all materials will be collected and digitized for our online database which you can conveniently search for information. In the future, this database will be the most comprehensive material database available.

What’s new

Well-Being Design & Engineering Program (Mini Course) 2024 Class 4: Net Zero Carbon and Resilience

Well-Being Design & Engineering Program (Mini Course) 2024 Class 4: Net Zero Carbon and Resilience


How to Help an Electric Shock Victim?

How to Help an Electric Shock Victim?

In the last article, we looked at the design and installation of electrical systems to avoid shock and short circuits (you can read it again at https://bit.ly/45YXDnM). Let’s now look at what to do in an emergency involving an electric shock. How should we respond and act correctly and safely?When someone is electrocuted, the current passes through the heart, causing it to stop. Muscles, bones, abdominal organs, and the nervous system can also be affected. A very high current can cause severe tissue damage, leading to injuries in the abdominal organs. Some people may experience muscle spasms, rapid breathing, and loss of consciousness.For initial first aid, we should:- Immediately call the emergency hotline 1669 during the rescue or first aid process, so experts can arrive in time. The severity of the harm depends on the duration of the electric shock, and proper assistance can increase the victim's chances of survival.- Quickly find the source of the electric leak and cut off the circuit to prevent the rescuer from being electrocuted as well.- If someone is being electrocuted and a wire is touching them, use insulating materials that do not conduct electricity, such as wood, dry rope, rubber hoses, rubber gloves, or thick dry cloths, to push or pull the victim away quickly or flick the wire away from them.- If it's a high-voltage electric shock, notify the electricity authority immediately to cut off the power and call the emergency hotline 1669.- If the victim is electrocuted in a flooded area, the rescuer must not enter the water. Cut off the power before attempting a rescue.- Approach the rescue quickly, carefully, and cautiously. Cover the area that was electrocuted with a dry cloth. If there are wounds or uncertain injuries to the skin and tissues in the area, take the victim to the hospital immediately.Remember! Safety is the most important thing. Being prepared and cautious can reduce the risk of electric shock.Additionally, learning and practicing first aid methods for electric shock is something everyone should be interested in. When an incident occurs, we can help promptly. Keep the phone numbers of relevant agencies, such as rescue units and hospitals, handy for emergency calls.Preventing electric shock and short circuits during the rainy season isn’t difficult. Regularly inspecting and maintaining electrical appliances in the home with simple methods can effectively prevent electric shock hazards, allowing everyone to live safely and comfortably during the rainy season.Story by Montri Phulanku, Senior Research Engineer, Well-Being Research Integration and Building Infrastructure Specialist, RISC​​

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