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We have created technologies, design guidelines, and a variety of measuring instruments to support new developmental trends and future lifestyles. We are committed to creating sustainable innovations to improve the real estate industry by focusing on socially responsible and environment-friendly project development as well as improving the quality of life for residents.

The research facility is open to everyone and every organization interested in sustainable development and construction. The center will serve as a public laboratory for sustainable residential development research.

We also welcome the general public to take advantage of our research and apply it to residential construction and home improvement, as part of our mission to raise the quality of the real estate industry and overall architectural design.

Facility Features


Access and Security System

RISC's secured access system differentiates the level of access between groups of people such as RISC's researchers and the general public. The public can register to be RISC members at the Welcome Hall. Registered members can come in to learn and use the facility. This security system is designed to create a safe environment for everyone in the center.


Energy-monitoring System

This system is for monitoring and displaying energy consumption within the center. Energy consumption reports are divided into sub-zones to study behavior in each zone and further categorized between types of energy usage, including AC, appliances, and lighting.


Indoor Air-monitoring System

This system is for monitoring and displaying air quality within the center. Sensors are installed in each zone to monitor local changes. The measurements are categorized by factors that affect the internal air quality (IAQ) such as room temperature, local relative humidity, and the amount of particulate matter sized up to 2.5 (PM2.5) and 10 microns (PM10) as well as the carbon dioxide level and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC).


Comfort Living System

This system is for controlling the comfort level within the center with regard to room temperature and relative humidity.


Smart Curtain System

The system allows you to adjust curtains via an application.


Smart Lighting System

The lighting system is controlled independently in each zone. The lighting circuit design is also integrated with natural lighting. The brightness of the Office Zone/Working Zone is controlled by daylight sensors to provide adequate lighting for an optimal work environment.


Sound-masking System

A sound-masking system emits low-level, non-distracting masking noise tuned to reduce ambient speech sounds and thereby improve speech privacy. Enhanced speech privacy can be of great value in open-plan offices. RISC’s co-working space is separated into three working areas with special noise control equipment to boost work efficiency.


The Research and Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) was created from the concept "for all well-being".

With that in mind, we constructed and outfitted the center entirely with environment-friendly materials. This is the first facility in Thailand designed to the specifications of the WELL Building Standard from the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), a worldwide standard for buildings that promote well-being.

IWBI has certified the center for careful and comprehensive design with regard to its construction, air quality, lighting, leisure and exercise space as well as the selection of construction materials. For example, we use upcycled eggshells for our table and counter veneer, air-purifying wallpaper, interior paint with no volatile organic compounds, and formaldehyde-free decoration materials.

Sensors are also installed in each zone to monitor and collect detailed data on the local internal air quality, which is displayed in each zone. This technology enables us to educate the public about healthy indoor air quality, buildings’ internal efficiency, and environments that promote well-being.

Facility Zones

We have built a Facility Viewer to help visually demonstrate the features of the entire facility – but please keep reading about each feature in detail.


Welcome Hall

On entering the center, you will find the Welcome Hall, which contains the member registration machines. After you have registered, you will receive a ScanQR Code to access the center.


Inspiration Hall

Inspiration Hall is the first zone of the center. It is a space for indoor plant research with objectives such as finding the best way to grow indoor plants and monitoring indoor air quality.


Well-being Material Library

RISC has collected over 300 environment-friendly construction materials for this zone. We constantly change the displays and update the information as well as showcase the most popular materials of the year.


Demonstrate Hall

This central hall is where you will find our climate demonstrations. There is a large screen in the hall, which is spacious enough for seminars and forums.


Café Zone

In this area, the atmosphere is relaxing amid the greenery from our ceiling planters. We promote well-being with our nutritious Healthy Pantry, which includes vegetable garden cabinets and vending machines.


Collaborative Zone "Agora"

This space is intended for the general public to work and collaborate. The work space is divided into three areas, each with special equipment to contain the sound within it (sound masking).


Lab Zone

The Lab Zone is divided into two sections: the ISO Lab and the Simulation Lab. For more details on these areas, please launch the viewer.


Office Zone/Working Zone "The Den"

RISC’s working area houses various units, such as Obotrons and IT Innovation, facilitating collaboration across disciplines. Ergonomic furniture is used to suit different body types, to prevent sedentary lifestyles, and to promote physical activity.

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