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Booking Description


Start-up booking is open for anyone with ideas to create a new and innovative product. If you have a new idea for Well-being design or ECO material, but lack of budget or require more information or necessary knowledge, please feel free to share us through this booking to see how we can work it out together. The discussion is also complimentary.

Policy for start up:

  1. You need to fill all obligatory details in the booking form and select 3 different time slots within our business hour in the calendar, which are not overlapped to other time schedules. After submitting the booking form, RISC admin will send the reply for booking approval/rejection after our considering within 3 business days.
  2. After submitting your booking form, if approves, RISC admin will send the approval in your mailbox. If the selected time schedule is not available, we will send a rejection including a suggestion for another preferred time schedule.
  3. You have only one hour per day for start-up booking. If you want more hours for discussion, please book another day after finishing the first appointment.
  4. You can book the date only once a week. This policy is for providing a more consulting opportunity to others.
  5. You are not allowed to book more than one day at each appointment. For example, if we found more than 1 booking with the same booking name on a different date, we will send only one available date for start-up booking.
  6. If you want to change the time schedule or the date, please inform us to about the new time schedule within 3 business days before the reservation date so we will consider and find another available date and time schedule. 7) If you want to cancel your booking, please contact our office email within 3 business days before the reservation date. If the cancellation is sent after those days, the reservation date and time will be effective on the schedule.
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