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How sports contests are going online

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Sports have been around since ancient times for individuals and teams to compete for status through wrestling, boxing, or sprinting. ​

But many new sports have emerged. Rules and equipment have changed. Sport science now boosts the potential of competitors. Games are also entering the metaverse. ​

Metaverse sports typically involve new games and equipment like e-sports. You might know "Beat Saber", where the player must slice through floating boxes with a sword. You must cut in the right direction to the beat of the music. The difficulty depends on the song. ​

“Echo Arena" is a 3v3 game to grab a ball from the air. The winner scores the most goals during the allotted time. This contest is now held in a league. ​

"Drone Racing" is a sport where “Milk” Wanraya Wannapong, from Thailand, took first place in the female category in 2018 and 2019. Contestants race drones in VR glasses. The race is thrilling for both them and the viewers, like Formula One. ​

Many new virtual sports will appear as the metaverse develops. We may often participate without leaving our homes! ​

Story by Nattapat Tanjariyaporn, Senior Researcher, Brain Computer Interface, RISC ​

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